Engineering a New Age of Interactive Aquariums


An aquarium is a human-made glass enclosure that forms an artificial animal habitat. An important thing to note is that aquariums can either get filled with water or not. Today, aquariums differ in shapes and sizes depending on the type of animal they have to accommodate. Whereas in the past aquariums were mainly engineered for aesthetic purposes, the world has since evolved to integrate the use of aquarium in learning processes. In Fort Worth, Texas, there are many aquariums, but none stands out like The New Seaquest Aquarium located at the Ridgmar Mall.


Projected to open up to the public this October, The SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium will be a vivarium like no other, offering visitors with the opportunity to interact with the rich diversity of animal life highlighted in the facility. Come October; it will be your only chance to interact with thousands of animal species originating from all over the world. At the new vivarium facility, you will have the opportunity to have that close and personal encounter with more than three hundred animal species, feeding them at your convenience.


Some of the diversity you expect to find at SeaQuest includes a full range of tropical birds, sea life, rainforest reptiles, and desert animals. With SeaQuest being a fun and interactive place, it offers you with the opportunity to hold events like birthday parties and weddings within its confines. As a modern day Conservancy, The New Seaquets Interactive Aquarium is the one place in the entire Texas region that you will have an opportunity to find many different animal species all under one roof.  To know more about aquariums, visit


For those with families, SeaQuest is the best place for you to give your spouse and kids a treat worth remembering. You can even take a selfie with that slithering viper you have so much dreaded all your life! I promise you that once you get to SeaQuest, you will have an adventure of a lifetime. Well, Seaquest also has beautiful mermaids lined up for you. All you have to do is to order a ticket through SeaQuest's mobile service to be able to access all activities in the facility. You can also get your pre- annual membership from October, to have the opportunity to headline SeaQuest over and over again. By choosing any of the annual membership plans, you will save yourself and your family tonnes of money but still get to enjoy a visit to The New Seaquest Aquarium, learn more here!

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